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About Craig

Craig Hall was one of Australia’s first life coaches, starting his practice in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

As a pioneer in what is now widely acknowledged to be an important element of adult education, Craig has built a Life Coaching business that has supported hundreds of clients to grow as individuals, and in doing so generating outcomes that reflect their highest choice in setting new standards for them to live life powerfully.

Born and educated in Hamilton in country Victoria in 1969, Craig has spent his working life studying and developing his philosophies with the purpose of empowering his clients to regain the power and passion in all the aspects of their lives.

He sees Life Coaching as adult education, and supports his clients to choose to go within, or to go without, which is the basic premise of his philosophy.

His results are extraordinary, an outcome that has also been recognised by businesses who have engaged his services to support their own growth, and to assist with employee relationships in the workplace. His corporate clients range from small businesses to multinational such as Mars Corporation.

Craig’s coaching style is a blend of social science integrated with holistic values. His stated purpose is to support, challenge and educate a growing audience of people to be creative so that they can manifest lives they love, and that they are grateful to experience.

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